I would like nature to win, to be prevailing and ruling, I wish she could impose herself in all her majestic presence, I wish she could shout with forms and light and could silence our blood and anger forever. I would like she to shut us up, I would like us all, finally disarmed, to stop, to look and to listen. Nature has already told us everything, now it is up to us. Small creatures… we can be so small and arrogant beings, blaspheme and stupid enough to think we can tame her and put her to our service… what ridiculous beings we are, with no way of escape… We can do anything but we do not decide, we want everything but we do not know how to offer, to give.  Our great defect is to think we are something other than what we are, detached and cast adrift, a disconnected and perfidious illusion, a lie that keeps us alive. But you can find moss in our heart, like on the rocks, in our veins cool mountain water flows, the pancreas is a sea sponge and the gut is a golden serpent, our hands are like spiders, our synapses like tree branches, our muscles like petals, bones like branches and our nails shells.  Everything recalls nature if we really want to. And I want! Do you?

”I love u“ Gea – Miniartextil – Le beffroi de Montrouge – Paris


”I love u“ Gea – Miniartextil – Musee de la Dentelle – Caudry – France