After a long experience in the field of restoration (Milan-Venice, 1993-97), the artistic passion and the textiles have brought her to deepen her research starting from the daily, through the transient and the ephemeral. She received her Diploma in Applied Arts at the Castello Sforzesco, in Milan, with a specialization in the Art of Weaving (1995). Through the artistic passion, she is always looking for a communal language among all things, an intersection of space and time, but also of human animals and plants elements. A constant determination that has as objective the awakening of the conscience to the truth on the non separation between the self and the environment, on how everything is governed by the individual perception through which everything is composed, connected and disconnected. In addition to the two and three-dimensional weaving, she makes use of different mediums such as: drawing, installations and photography. She regularly exhibits her works in solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In 2016 she participated in the 9th edition of the Triennale Design Museum “W. Women in Italian Design “in Milan. She regularly gives weaving courses for privates and in public schools. She also works in the field of Fashion and Design.